Monday, February 2, 2015

Mid-Winter Update

I would totally update more if I could do it from my phone.  It should be easy to upload picture from my phone to Blogger, but for some reason, I can’t figure out how to do it.

 Anyway, it’s been a fun winter Season.  I am *loving* being the mom of my  2 girls.  And I’m so blessed by how much my little girls love each other.  I’ve almost forgotten all the pain and frustration of infertility – my family brings me so much joy!

    Micah took Leah Rae to the “Sugar Plum Ball” for the first time this year.  It’s a fundraiser for the local hospital and it’s basically a formal dance for Daddies and Daughters.  Micah’s siblings have taken their girls for years, so he was just waiting for Leah to be old enough to go.   We took her to buy a dress and shoes – which is so fun in itself.  She would put on a dress and then prance out the the 3 way mirror and dance around.  We knew we had found “the” dress by the look on her face when she saw herself.  We bought her a little “tiara” and I curled her hair for the event.  (We had one unhappy moment when she reached up and grabbed the curling iron, burning her hand.  I felt SO bad!)  I’m not sure who had more fun, Leah or her Daddy!

   Christmas was super special too.  Sadie (6 mos old) got a little activity table.  As soon as we walked into the living room, Leah said “look, Sadie this is for you” and started playing with her sister for a solid 3-4 minutes before looking around and asking “are there presents for me?”  It sweet to see her excitement with her sister’s gift.  OF course, Leah got some great gifts too, including a Doc McStuffins clinic and the ultra-coveted “Elsa doll.”  (Leah also wanted an Anna doll, so she saved her “chore” money – she feeds the dog and picks up her toys – and then spent her ‘own’ money for the Anna doll.) Here are some fun Christmas pictures – these girls are truly ‘gifts’ to our family!
    Leah (3 years old) is still a wonderful big sister.  She loves to help take care of Sadie and cheers for her when she does new things.  She was so proud when Sadie started to crawl.  Sadie has also started to eat “food.”  I’m doing more of a “baby-led weaning” thing this time.  With Leah, I made all of her baby food and dutifully started with rice cereal and then veggie purees, etc.  Sadie… not so much.  I tried to start with oatmeal, but she is an independent girl and kept grabbing the food to try to feed herself.  So now, I pretty much put food on her tray and let her go to town.  Usually, I give her whatever vegetable we’re eating, but she’s had bread and rice too.  It’s easier, but messier.  It took a while for her to manage to realize the food goes in her mouth, but now she’s getting the hang of it.  I’m subscribing to the adage that “food before one is just for fun.”  Her main nutrition is still breastmilk – she’s still nursing like a champ – so I don’t stress about what she’s eating or how much.  I’m much more relaxed about feeding this time around.  Some of that could be because this child is so big, strong and healthy.  (Leah was always a little underweight.)


  Here are a few other cute pictures that capture my family.  I certainly treasure these moments!
                                                (Sadie and Eli - our dog - are BFFs)

So - that's our update.  I enjoy keeping up with everyone else's family.  Happy Winter!


  1. There's a blogger ap that makes it pretty easy to upload photos :)

    Glad you're having such a great time being a mommy :)

  2. Hmmm... I'll definitely look into that. I've just been going to the Blogger website on my phone. Thanks!