Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back at it!!!

     I’m supposed to be writing my youth group message right now - but I just feel the urge to blog again (and I finally have a few minutes to myself.)  We just scheduled our phone consult with a clinic in Florida to begin the EA process all over again!!!
     You might remember that we adopted some Indian embryos last spring.  We were so excited about adding those little Indian babies to our family - it sure seemed like God had ordained that.  In fact, I am still sure that God planned for us to adopt and transfer them - even though none of them were meant to live in our family.  The first attempt resulted in a pregnancy that we lost at 6 weeks.  The second attempt failed.  I found out later that the Indian culture values boys so much that the wealthier Indian families will sometimes do IVF  - just to screen out the girls.  I learned that these embryos were probably the unwanted girls (though the profile didn’t indicate that.)  I feel blessed to have ‘wanted’ these girls and to give them a chance at life.  I don’t know the ‘big picture’ of God’s plan for them - or for us, but I still have to trust Him despite those losses.  (I can say that now - I might have said something different at the time....)

Our clinic doesn’t have any more embryos - and we hit some tough times financially, so we’ve just been waiting.  and waiting.  and waiting.  Finally, Micah had a really big sale with a good commission which gets us on the road to Embryo Adoption once again.  (Hopefully, a tax return will make up the difference.)

We’ve looked at lots of programs and talked to lots of people.  It’s so helpful to talk to people who’ve used different clinics and programs.  We finally decided on a program in Florida.  (Thanks Jess!)  We got all the paperwork in , sent our records and we get to talk to the doctor tomorrow.  I don’t know how quicky or slowly things will go from here - but it feels good to be moving forward.

I’ll keep you posted - if anyone still follows me on here.  Please know that I read blogger all the time, even if I don’t post.  I just haven’t had anything interesting to say in months!  I pray for you and I enjoy following your journeys.  (Diane - I just referred someone to your blog b/c she’s had some EA frustrations and is moving to donor sperm - I hope you don’t mind.)

Thanks everyone for your encouragement!!
Ok, back to the youth message: how do we know the Bible is true........


  1. Good luck with that youth message! I took a whole class in college revolving around that topic!

    And thanks for the update. I had wondered what had happened with those embryos last summer. I'm so sorry for the loss of your little ones.

    I can't wait to see where God takes you next, though. :)

    (And thanks for the referral! I saw her blog post, too, and your comment and am very touched that you thought of me! It's always nice to find someone who is dealing with the same things you are.)

  2. Sorry for your loss, but am excited that you will begin the EA process again soon! Looking forward to hearing more updates.

  3. Hi...I'm the referral! lol Chelle, I'm just like you...I'm getting back into reading blogger at least once a week, but I don't have enough to blog about myself. I enjoy following all of your journeys and wish you all the best. Please keep us posted through this journey!