Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Moving along...

We're making baby steps in our progress toward another little one.  We had our phone consult with the Dr at a clinic in Florida.  He is requiring me to have an SHG since it's been a while since I had my daughter.  I got that scheduled for tomorrow - I'm so NOT looking forward to it.  I've read that it's a much easier test than the HSG I had when we first did infertility testing - but still.... catheters, dye, ultrasound probes pressing all around... yuck.  I might take some anti-anxiety meds that my mom has laying around, just to make the process better.  Ultimately, I'm hoping it leads to the next baby - so I'll focus on that.  Hopefully, if all looks good, we could choose our embryos and proceed next month!

Which is the next thing: how the heck do I "choose" embryos?  The last time, the clinic had some donated and we pretty much said "yep, we'll take 'em."  This time, I have a dozen profiles to look through.  It just feels weird to think that we're choosing our next child - and not choosing all the rest.  What criteria is important?  The doctor told us that younger eggs make better embryos, so obviously that's a consideration.  (Race is not important to us; I carried an Indian embryo till 6 weeks and was devastated to miscarry.)  But what about medical history? In one profile, the male had an aneurysm.  That's not genetic, right?  That shouldn't affect my decision, should it?  In another, the couple tested positive for chlamydia - again, not a genetic issue, so I shouldn't care - but I think I do.  The profiles disclose previous pregnancies.  One had a 'spontaneous' pregnancy, but it doesn't say if any children resulted from this IVF batch.  Can I assume that if they didn't get pregnant with the embryos, that I might not either?  Or maybe the embryos are fine, but it was something in her body that prevented implantation.  Who knows?
I'm finding it *more* difficult to have this info.  I think I'd rather have someone say "here, these embryos need a family - do you want them?"  Who wants to pick my next child for me?

I'm still following all of you, even though I don't post.  I'm super excited for Tracy (and Jenn/Aaron) and Diane & Em and praying for Jess and Liz and Paula.  (Is it ok to through out other bloggers names in my blog post?)  If nothing else, this blog gives me a chronicle of our journey.  I'm sure my blogging will pick up once things start moving a little more quickly.  For now, it's one step at a time!


  1. Just start by narrowing it down. We went closed through NEDC and had about 90 profiles to filter through!

    Godspeed in your decision!

  2. Love hearing the update! So cool to hear you moving forward with more snow babies. I have no advice how to pick embryos. =P I am so grateful the first profile that was matched for us was a good fit. I am sure God will guide your choice when you ask. James 1:5 So exciting!

  3. Don't be nervous about the SHG. I had one about 6 months ago and it was NOTHING. I literally was like, "Is it over already?" I have to do another one next Monday as it's been a while and we are now at the beginning of our FET cycle. It's really not painful and no big deal at all. There is no dye with SHG, it's saline solution. I am praying that God will lead you in the right direction with choosing your babies. No decision is a bad one, as it's all in His hands. Blessings, Kelly.

  4. The SHG was probably the least crappy thing I've had to do. Two endometrial biopsies were the worst!! Glad to hear that you're moving forward and can't wait to see what this journey brings. You're in my prayers!

  5. Yay for steps forward! Choosing our embryos was probably the most surreal moment in the whole journey---and there were a lot of surreal moments! There is not one right way to go about it. You just need to go about it in a way that feels right to you.

  6. Exciting! I agree with Tanya...there is no right or wrong way to choose. My hubby always reminded me when we were choosing that they all needed a chance at birth, so it didn't matter which ones we chose. God is sovereign and His plan can't be thwarted. :)