Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It has begun

"It" being our cycle.

Wow - so after we considered our 'crazy options,' we decided to choose the embryos at our local clinic and we released the ones in Fl back into the donor pool.  I'm sure that God has a family in mind for them too.  I just felt that the embryos at our clinic were a gift straight from God's hand.  We didn't even ask for them; they called us!  (Which is not usually how they operate.)  We love our clinic and were sad to have to go elsewhere.  PLUS, the donor coordinator agreed to waive that 'case management fee' since we've been with them for so long.  That's another $500 savings in addition to the cost we save by not having to travel.  Plus, the timing was so specific with the FL situation; if my period came on the wrong day, it wouldn't have worked this month - or next month.

Well, yet again - it's clear how God goes ahead of us and provides what we need.  My period came early.  I woke up with it this morning - 4 days early.  That's very strange b/c I'm quite regular.  (My sister is living with us now; maybe her hormones messed me up.)  However, it's all ok because I'm using the clinic here in NY.  My baseline is thursday and I'll start my meds and get my schedule then.  FET cycles are very simple at our clinic.  My transfer will be in about 2 weeks!  

I'm so optimistic and excited!  I feel confident that we are walking along the path that God has laid out for us.  And I hope and pray this time, that path leads to a baby.....


  1. So exciting! I'm happy you are at peace with your decision. The Lord has worked this out for you...praying for a great cycle and transfer! We will be close to cycle buddies...I start Lupron this Sunday and my transfer is March 29th. Blessings! - Kelly

  2. Yay Kelly- I'll keep you in my prayers. I would love to share this journey with someone!

  3. Oh that's so exciting! Lots of thoughts and prayers!