Monday, February 11, 2013

Another step...

     We are the proud parents of two little Mexican/American blastocysts!  
(Well, we will be tomorrow once we pay the deposit.)  But they are reserved for us!  These little ones were our 2nd choice, but it's probably a better option after all.  The first set we had chosen were created with eggs and sperm from 37 year olds (but had resulted in a baby from that  set).  They were no longer available, so we went with this Mexican/American set.  The mom was 24 when the embryos were created.  They didn't have any kids from the fresh transfer, but they later had a spontaneous pregnancy (that apparently was a rough one) and decided they were done.  We were a little concerned that no pregnancy resulted from these embryos - but I remind myself that there are a LOT of reasons that a couple might not get pregnant - it might have nothing to do with the sperm fertilizing the egg.  Given all the options, we are certain that this is the best choice for us and we're super excited to meet these little children.
     I had the SHG done last week and all is well.  There was some issue with the clinic in NY not receiving the lab order from the clinic in Florida - and of course we got the once nurse who can be a little snotty.  She told me that they really shouldn't do the test without having the order, but she supposed they could do it anyway.  (The doc that actually did test was our favorite doc at the clinic.)  Except for a few minutes of serious cramping, it wasn't bad - but I'm glad it's over.  And I'm glad my uterus looks good. :)
     So, here were are:  SHG: check.  Embryos selected: check.  Next step: start our cycle!  So now I'm just waiting for my period.  I'm about 2 weeks away.  Once it starts, we jump in with the meds and off we go.  I should be transferring in about a month!
     I'm really hoping that my period comes when it's supposed to, because the timing will be tricky.  The clinic checks the lining on day 13 and the transfer is 6 days later.  If my period comes right on time, it'll be perfect.  If it comes too early, it will interfere with a HUGE youth group fundraiser that we can't miss.  If it comes too late, my husband will be in Boston with some of our teens.  It really has to fall in between.  I thought about waiting a month, but then it would fall right about the same time as a youth group trip that we have planned in April.  Waiting two months... ...oops, runs into another conflict.  (Yep, we are too busy!)  I don't want to wait until June.  Of course, there are lots of things that could happen between now and then to screw things up - but I'm praying that God works it out perfectly.
     It is starting to seem more "real" now that we have embryos.  I keep looking at the profile and think "this describes my next kid."  I have to think positively: after a loss and a failed cycle, I know that things can go wrong.  But I am determined to believe that God has a plan that includes bringing these children into our family.  At least, I hope so.....


  1. So exciting! We should be close to being cycle/transfer buddies. My transfer is set for March 29th...started my BC pills last week and will start Lupron Feb 24th. Looking forward to following along with you! - Kelly

  2. Yay! So glad you have made a decision that you are at peace with. Praying that everything falls into place exactly as it's supposed to! :)