Friday, February 22, 2013

Something different this time

     We had our baseline appointment at our clinic yesterday.  It was so fun because everyone there is so thrilled that we got donor embryos and they are really hoping that we end up with another little one.  They marvel over how cute our DD is and give her fruit snacks.  It reminded me how blessed we are to be able to stay with our clinic in NY instead of traveling to Florida.
     Everything looked fine for my baseline.  They told me they have a new FET protocol. In the past, I've just used Estrace and either Crinone or PIO.  This time, they are adding Lupron.  It seems strange to me.  I've known lots of people (well, known them online) that have used it - but usually they use it before their period, along with BCPs.  I'm only using it for 10 days, along with the Estrace.  The nurse explained that it shuts down my own hormones so my body doesn't make progesterone before it's time.  I'll stop the Lupron when I start the progesterone.  Then they said if it was too expensive, I don't have to do it, but they really recommend it.  I guess I'm up for anything that they think will help.  I'm a little concerned because I've never seen it used this way; but I'm sure the RE knows a lot more than me.  So, I have a box arriving in a few hours and I'll get started on it.  (And, as a bonus - the insurance covered most of it!)
    Also, they've changed their standard protocol back to PIO for the FETs (which is what I used when we got DD).  I'm actually very happy about that.  (How often do you hear that?)  The last 2 cycles I used only Crinone - and while my rear end was thankful, my progesterone levels dropped and I lost the first baby and the second cycle failed.  There's no way to be sure it was the progesterone that caused those things, but I will feel more secure using the PIO.  Not that I'm looking forward to the sore rump for 12 weeks, but at least I'll feel like I did everything possible on my part.  (Plus, they gave me progesterone in ethyl oleate - it's much thinner than the PIO I had before - so maybe I won't be as sore?)
  I go back for blood work and US on March 4th.  If all looks good, my transfer will be 5 days after that.  I'm just so happy to be starting all this again.  I feel very hopeful about this cycle.  It seems that God is at work, and so I hope the completion of that work is a little baby.....

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