Sunday, December 19, 2010

And so it begins!

I'm officially *in* my cycle!  We're starting - we're doing something.  I could be pregnant a month from now.  It's so exciting.  After nearly 2 years of waiting, it all seems to be happening so fast!
    I got my period last weekend, so we called them and made an appt for monday morning.  On Monday, there was some confusion as one nurse (on the phone) said "it's too late to start now, we'll put you on birth control to stall your cycle for 2 weeks" but the nurse we actually saw said "never mind her, we'll make this work."  She was super great; I liked her.  In fact, I like everyone at our clinic: the receptionists, the nurses, the insurance specialist even, everyone has been so nice and so helpful.  You would have no idea that they deal with hormonal women everyday!
     So, I started Estrace last Tuesday and today the rest of my medicines arrived.  I was worried about ruining my Christmas season with hormones and medication, but it's not bad at all.  All I'm doing now is taking the Estrace, pre-natal vitamins and baby aspirin until after Christmas.  (I had to get new pre-natals vitamins; I had thrown a nearly-full bottle away in frustration and anger when we learned M's diagnosis.)  I've been told that the Estrace makes people crazy and emotional.  I've only been on it 6 days, but so far - I'm doing okay.  I think that's b/c I'm on the lookout for hyper-emotionalism.  As soon as I feel myself getting upset or emotional, I stop and remind myself that it's just the drugs and that I have to pull myself together.  It might get worse as I'm on it longer, but so far, I'm doing well.  I'd like to think I can keep my emotions under control, but I'm likely just fooling myself.
       I'm on the Estrace longer than usual; they are 'dragging it out' a bit b/c the Dr is away for Christmas.  I'll go back on the 29th to check my lining, do more bloodwork and then we'll start progesterone.  Originally, she was only going to prescribe Crinone, so I asked her if that's the best option.  She said "well, IM is best, but most people don't like to do the injections."  I told her I wanted to do whatever it takes to give this the best possible chance of working.  So, now she's giving me a combination of Crinone and Progesterone-in-oil (PIO.)  I might regret opening my mouth later, when I'm actually taking the shots, but I don't want to get a BFN (negative pregnancy test) and look back saying "I wish I had done ____."  Anyway, our tentative transfer date is Jan 3rd.  (I love having a date on the calendar!)
    Another very cool thing:  my insurance covers most of my medications!!!  I didn't expect that.  I paid ~$75 so far, and all my meds were delivered to my house.  The Crinone isn't covered ($400), so the insurance specialist at the clinic has some samples for me - we may have to pay some of that, but she's cutting down the cost significantly. 
     We have been so blessed every step of the way.  God really is providing for us as we walk down this road.  The FET cost we had to pay when we recieved our embryos was EXACTLY the amount we had saved.  The insurance is covering most of the meds.  The timing is working out beautifully.  I'm afraid to be too optimistic, but it does seem that perhaps God has special plans to give these embryos life.  I wonder what these children will do for the Kingdom!


  1. Wishing all of the best for you!!!!

  2. Yay! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Starting the meds is so exciting, if not a little daunting at times. I'll be watching like a hawk as you go through your cycle!