Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I hate uncertainty!

     So far things have been going really well this cycle.  I'm on the Estrace 3x a day - and I haven't had any side effects.  I don't even think I'm extra-emotional or irritable.  (Of course, my husband might disagree - lol.)  But really, I haven't had that whole "I'm-so-frustrated-for-no-good-reason-and-I-can't-control-my-emotions" feeling.  (That happened just once last time - and it always happens right before I get my period.  I hate giving in to emotions!)  This part of the protocol has been really easy  - as long as I remember that middle pill each day!
     I go back Friday for a lining check and blood work.  Then they'll schedule my transfer.  (I'll also start the progesterone shots then; that part of the protocol may not be so easy - we didn't get that far last time.)  But really, I'm just eager to know which day my transfer will be.  I'm a planner.  And I'm a teacher - which makes planning really important.  I keep switching my lesson plans around to accommodate my appointments in an effort to leave sub-friendly plans.  (Last time, I had a retired Science teacher for a sub - who loves teaching genetics as much as I do - so he got my class way off topic and didn't make it through my plans.  I'm OK with that, I'm just sad I missed the off-topic conversation.  I swear, I just say the words "sperm and egg" and the random questions come flying.  But, they are 12 - who else can ask and get legitimate answers?  I actually love this part of my job.)
   Ok, speaking of off topic conversations....   .... my point was that I'm trying to plan around my transfer day so I have an easy lesson for the sub - but I don't know what day that'll be yet.  I just want to know!  On another note:  how much and how long did you EA ladies rest after your embryo transfer?   My clinic just says "take it easy" for the rest of the day.  I think I'd like to lay around horizontally for the rest of the day and perhaps the next day too.  Is that reasonable, or unnecessary?  The nurse said I could go back to exercising right away - I can even do Zumba if I keep it low impact for a while.  (I do NOT plan on doing that, for the record.)  Does anyone have advice?
   I'll post again Friday, when I know my transfer date.  I'm so eager to find out - partly because it's just so exciting - and partly b/c I had the uncertainly of not knowing my schedule! 


  1. My clinic just says to rest the day of the transfer and then go back to normal life with a few restrictions. The day after all 3 of my FETs, I drove 4 hours from TN to back home.

    Yes, "take it easy," and don't do anything crazy, but I don't think you necessarily need to lay in bed horizontally for 2 days. But, follow your clinic's orders - whatever they suggest! :)

  2. My first transfer, they had me on bed rest for 48 hours. Then we switched clinics. Our current clinic says to take it easy the rest of the day, and don't do anything crazy like horseback riding for a few days, but really, they want you back to normal activity as soon as possible. My doctor firmly believes that a healthy mom is the best host to accept a pregnancy, and exercise is healthier than being sedentary. The best analogy I've heard was that at that point, the baby is like a sesame seed, stuck in a peanut butter sandwich, so it can't just fall out. That made me feel a lot better about my activity.

  3. Thanks for your feedback ladies! I think I'll take the day after off too - just to relax. My job is high energy and it can be stressful chasing after 7th graders, so I think I'll feel better if I spend the day at home. If I get a BFN, I don't want to look back and have regrets!
    Jen - the sesame seed in peanut butter analogy does put things into perspective though - so thanks!