Friday, January 7, 2011

Starting Over - already

     Wow - that came fast!  Just 2 weeks ago, I found out my FET cycle was cancelled and already, we're in attempt #2.  The time just flew by - I guess I was thinking about how it would be next month, but really, it was just the rest of the month I had to wait out before starting again.  Maybe it was due to Christmas vacation or the craziness of going back to work with squirrel-y 7th graders that made it all go so fast.  Whatever the cause, I was shocked yesterday when AF ("aunt flow" - aka, my period) showed up.  I guess I knew it would be sometime around this weekend, but still - it came so fast.  I guess after TTC (trying to conceive) for 15 months, a few weeks' wait seem practically negligible.
      So, here we go.  Yesterday, AF showed up.  We called the clinic this morning and then we each had to scramble to leave work early to get to the clinic (over an hour away) before they closed.  We did the baseline stuff (B/W and U/S) again, got instructions to start Estrace tomorrow and... we're off.  This time they put me on Estrace 3x a day - which is their normal protocol.  Last time, they started with a lower dose to stretch the cycle out but it wasn't enough to prevent ovulation.  The nurses assured me that this time would be different.  AND, they are going to monitor me more frequently.  I go back in 7 days for another U/S and B/W.  They'll tentatively set a transfer date at that time.  I'm so excited to be starting again - moving forward - making progress - it feels so productive!

      On another note, I ended up talking to both of my administrators about our infertility.  The assistant principal was super compassionate, as I'd thought he'd be.  He said he knows what that's like; he and his wife had some fertility struggles, but they are on the other side of it now.  (She's due any day now.)   Then today, I had to tell my principal too.  A last-minute doctor's appointment on a Friday afternoon is not the most believable scenario.  So I told her we were having 'fertility issues' and that meant that I'd need subs often in the next few weeks, even last minute occasionally.  I explained that sometimes, I'd ask for a sub in advance and then not need it, as in the cancelled 'procedure' over break.  (I didn't go into EA or any specific details.)  Surprisingly, she was GREAT.  She was understanding, and happy for us that we're trying to start our family and sorry for us that it's not working out yet.  She's willing to be flexible as things come up and told me I can text her anytime to request/cancel substitutes.  Really, I was surprised.  I thought she'd put on her 'supportive face' and then remind me that education of our students comes first.  But she didn't.  She really was genuinely supportive.  So that's a relief.  I don't need to be apprehensive about taking time off in the coming weeks.
   So - YAY - our cycle has begin.  This should be THE cycle.  About a month from now, I could know if any of those frozen, microscopic humans are the children that God intended for us.  I am continually amazed at how God goes ahead of us and prepares a path for us.  Even with last month's 'setback' - this process has been nothing but smooth and peaceful.  Thank you, God, for your Providence!


  1. How exciting that you're cycling again! And that's great that your principal was so supportive - that must take a huge stress off of you.

  2. Woo-hoo, SO happy for you!!! That's awesome your supervisors were both so supportive as well. Hoping things continue smoothly with this cycle!