Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How lucky I am

As I headed into Bible Study tonight, I walked past a woman who was talking with one of the leaders about her children.  I overheard her say "I got married in April and by June we found out I was a month pregnant."  She was seriously complaining about that.  I thought "she has no idea how lucky she is."  I hate it when people complain about having children or consider it an inconvenience.  I get so irritated when people complain about, or even just take for granted, things that I consider to be huge blessings.
   So then I started thinking about things that I may take for granted.  Are there things that I say or complain about that could irritate or hurt other people?  I think there might be.
    First of all, I have a solid, loving marriage to an amazing husband.  (I went through years of frustration and lonliness waiting for him - I didn't marry until I was 30.  Being single in a world built for couples feels an awful lot like being infertile in a world built for families.)  But that's not the point.  The point is that my husband is my best friend and our relationship is intimate, healthy and awesome.  I know that many marriages aren't as satisfying as ours.  People could be irritated with me for taking that for granted; they could look at me and thing "she doesn't know how lucky she is."
      Second, God has blessed us with a great home in His perfect timing.  It's very old - plaster and lath walls, etc. - but it's perfect for us and our future family.  It has a beautiful fenced in yard (that I may have complained about as it required lots of work this summer to level it out) and it's right near our church.  It's perfect for hosting baby/bridal showers or get togethers.  I could wish for something newer, but again - I have to remember how lucky I am.
    Also: M and I are financially on the same page.  We've been through some rough times, and things are still really tight (especially saving for EA) - but we have both learned to manage it well and we do it together.  (I highly recommend Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University!!!)  I know finances often cause huge strife and lots of stress.  I am so lucky to be where I am.
    So, maybe I'm not lucky - rather I'm blessed.  We are very, very blessed.  In fact, God has worked so many things out for us in recent years, that we have no reason to doubt that He has great plans for our family too.  Maybe that girl I overheard doesn't know how lucky she is, but I DO know how blessed I am!!!


  1. I think it's great that you can find the blessings in life, even though they may coexist with things that may be seen as unfortunate. Focusing on the positive is the only thing that will carry us through when times get rough!

  2. I just now found your blog and will be following your story! Thanks for following mine as well! I love what you say here about remembering how blessed we truly are, even in the midst of this difficult journey.

    I will be praying for you and your husband!